Do you have barely worn, unloved designer or high-end high street clothes cluttering up your wardrobe? Perhaps you’ve recently lost weight or overhauled your style? Don’t spend hours listing your items online or add to landfill by throwing your clothes away. Bring them to Number 29 instead!

It’s simple: give us a call or email, or visit us for guidance on what clothes we’re currently accepting. Post or bring the items into the shop (please call ahead to arrange an appointment if you have more than six items) and we’ll take it from there. If you’re mailing the items to us, we may request photos in advance.

We’ll sell your items in our beautiful North Yorkshire store, in our online shop and on our social media, working hard to achieve the asking price on your behalf. 

Once your items are sold, you’ll receive 50% of the asking price. Imagine how great you’ll feel knowing you’ve given your clothes a second lease of life, enabling someone else to fall in love with fashion. What’s more, you’ll be helping to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry by keeping clothes from landfill.



  • We only accept designer and high-end high street clothing and accessories (by high-end high street, we mean Boden, Joules, etc).
  • Clothes must be in excellent condition, with no stains, marks, damage, dropped hems, rips, or loose buttons. Clothes should be freshly laundered and pressed. 
  • We prefer current styles, ideally purchased within the past five years.
  • It’s illegal to sell ‘designer copies’. We may ask you to verify the authenticity of your item by showing us receipts or related paperwork.